How to Actually Build a Life Coaching Business

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How to Actually Build a Life Coaching Business

Dillan Taylor
2 ratings

In nine months, I got my coaching business's revenue to $10,000 / month and created 22 clients. How?

For context: I quit my job during the pandemic and started coaching. I did everything the online gurus told me to do...

  • "build a beautiful website"

  • "grow a social media following"

  • "run ads and market yourself"

It got me zero clients.

Then I found out I could run a thriving practice just by serving others and building relationships. It's been a rewarding and freeing experience.

In this video course, I'll show you how I built my business step by step so you can do it too. It's allowed me to live the life and career I want, and there's no better time than now to start building yours.


  • How to coach powerfully

  • My step-by-step manual for getting clients

  • Setting up coaching sessions

  • Pricing/packaging

  • Time management

  • The sales conversation

  • A coaching contract template

  • How to get referrals

  • Marketing

  • My client tracker

  • Hours of content and 50+ actionable steps

  • Actions to take each step of the way

  • More

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I'll show you how to make great money by being a great coach. No social media. No website. No ads.


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